Coding and Dreaming with the CLI

Codex and The New Modalities of Coding Pt. 2

The CLI is the most powerful, versatile app on any computer. A programmer can use it to commune with the spirits (eg: computer) directly. Even for computers without a UI, the CLI is present.

Codex introduces a new way of coding. Codex allows ML models to convert thought into code without having to know syntax.

Together, I think they make something really cool.


Xegos are the building blocks of a new Codex program. In any directory, `Xegos` can be invoked directly to create code snippets.

Xegos can be a singular block with one function, or a Xego can include a `tower`, a list of other Xego blocks that are used as a foundation for the new Xego.

And of course, since each block is saved as an individual file, they can be committed to version control, edited, and uploaded to a shareable gist using the Github API.

If you’re in the codex beta, give it a whirl. I’ve been using it to bootstrap my projects and have been quite pleased with the results.



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