Full Body AR Tracking 🧍, QR Makeover 💅, A New Take on Old Math ➕, A Blast from the Past 🌆, and an Interview with an AI 💻

This Week in Creative Technology

Snapchat Lens Studio Introduces Full Body AR

Full body AR in Snapchat! Snapchat just released a new extension of the new SnapML framework, and creators can now make filters that track users entire bodies. TikTok dances with alien bodies here we come...


QR Codes and Images, Oh My!

QR code’s have long suffered being boring, and kinda ugly. This project gives QR codes the makeover they needed!

Here’s an example of the QR codes the app can create using a source image:


Visualizing 3D Formulas in AR

Math in AR! I think this is a great use case for AR. I definitely see this type of technology being used in geometry classes. Mentally visualizing 3D objects may no longer be necessary one day!

Walk Around 1940’s NYC

1940s.nyc allows you to look at a street view of what NYC was like 80 years ago. In 1939, the Works Progress Administration and the NYC Tax Department teamed up to take a photo of every building in NYC. The results are pretty great!


Interview with my ARtifical Self

Last week, I thought it would be neat to see if I could have a real-time conversation with GPT3 using an ARKit version of myself. The project was a success, and definitely got me excited about a Her sequel! N_AR_cissus, perhaps?

That’s all for this week!

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