The Artist-Practitioner

Searching for the Overlap of Curiosity and Deep Work

In May 2021, I gave a talk to a GPT-3 club in Australia/NZ.

Initially I planned on discussing use cases of GPT-3 but as I prepared the talk, I realized the psychology of creating projects with GPT-3 was more interesting.

If you have met me IRL, you know that I am fascinated by the unadulterated curiosity and observation of Leonardo da Vinci. You’d also know that I’m a student of the Deep Work philosophy (Cal Newport).

Both schools of thought pair so well, like a wine and pasta, and working on both as a skillset allowed me to create 80 projects last year.

Summary of the talk:

  • What does it mean to be an artist?

    • What are the benefits of chasing curiosity?

  • What is a practitioner?

    • Can deep work rein in the artist?

  • Finding tools in the overlap to create quality projects that don’t cause burnout

Full Talk here:

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