The Programmers Lookbook Volume 1: The Humble White T-Shirt

a solid $15 investment

In a past life, I was a NY Fashion Week runway model. (I also have very stylish cousins)

These were fun days, and they taught me a lot about style (and why modeling is a sucky industry, but that’s a conversation for another day).

Having a predominately technology focused audience, I want to do my part in making tech people dress more stylish and decrease the perception that all programmers look like this guy.

The photos below all revolve around one, very versatile piece: the Uniqlo crew neck white t-shirt.

Casual Shorts Look - Dressed Down

The first look is great for hot summer days.

Casual Shorts Look - Dressed Up

If you’re hitting the town later that evening, you may want to dress up the look a bit with a short-sleeve button down and some accessories (bag is from Everlane).


The great thing about white T-shirts is that they go with basically any color pant, so use whatever chinos you have available!

Use what’s already in your closet before you head to the store to buy more.


The classic T-Shirt look. Denim and white tees go so well together, and look good on pretty much everyone. A staple look that says to the world “I have grasped the basics of fashion, yes, thank you.”

Mix and Match

The greatest thing about the white tee is its versatility. Dress it up or down with whatever you have available.

Some final tips:

  1. Pay attention to fit, the shirt shouldn’t be too large or short (unless you are going for that look intentionally)

  2. Use hangers! Hanging these garments preserves the fabric longer

Till next,