Using Lasers to Paint 🚨, Fireworks on Newspapers 🎆, Algorithmic Sewing 👚, Bauhaus 🏢, and an AI Standup Robot 🎭

This Week in Creative Coding

Painting with LiDAR

Using LiDAR depth mapping (measuring distances using a pulsed laser), @AlgoMystic created a demo showing off what the world could look like as a painting in real time.

Current technology for AR filters modify pixel data and then display it, this method involves modifying sensor data, which opens a new realm of possibility!

Augmented Reality on…Newspapers?

An example of giving an old form of media a new life, @osoba_0626 added very convincing AR fireworks to a local newspaper in Japan. A fireworks show without leaving your house!

Creative ~Coding~ Sewing

Bring your code to life on your shirts! This open source library uses Processing to help you create generative designs for sewing machines. DIY c(ode)lothes!


Bauhaus x Coding

New Bauhaus Coding course from Tim Rodenbroeker!

He's a legend in the field of creative coding and his work has been exhibited in studios and galleries all over Europe, including a TED talk. If you're looking to learn from one of the best and you're interested in the German Bauhaus movement, start here.


AI Comedy Hour

The project I decided to do this week involved using a face detection library (face-api.js) and using face sentiment to track whether or not a joke is funny. I then send the result to GPT-3, and new jokes are tailored specifically for my humor. The disruption of comedy!

That's all for this week, thanks for reading.

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