What makes a good life?

What makes a good life?

Has it always been the same for humans forever, or did the agricultural revolution change the definition drastically? 

What makes a good life?

Is a good life the cessation of negative events, or making peace with suffering? 

Is a good life filled with novelty, or is it filled with familiarity? 

Is a good life being surrounded by people you love, or one that champions self-reliance?

Is a good life about chasing your dreams, or is it about being honest about your station and playing the hand you were dealt?

Is a good life in service for others, or for yourself?

Is a good life an equanimous embrace with what comes after death, or an equanimous embrace with the present moment while you’re alive?

Is a good life a motley collection of small, insignificant moments to be savored, or a broad overarching narrative to be looked back on upon on your deathbed?

Is a good life...

Is a good life...

Is a good life...

Who decided? 

When you were born, you had no choice. When you aged, you had no choice. When you died, you had no choice. So when do you get to decide?
When do you choose to pursue a good life?

What if you were never born?

What if you live forever?

What if you die tomorrow?

Will any of this matter? Did it ever matter to begin with?

Why do the big questions in life have such trivial answers? Why do people spend all their lives arguing over trivial problems?

Are these questions worth answering?

Are these questions worth asking?

What makes a good life?