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The Sharing Fiction newsletter is a creative coding newsletter split into two categories: paid and free.

Zero to Fun

Zero to Fun (eponymously named after Zero to One by Peter Thiel) is a paid ($7/month) bi-weekly series that examines the start to finish process of creative coding projects, from idea to MVP, told in an easily digestible, and not-overly-technical format.

Zero to Fun will also include a link to the public codebase for each project on GitHub, as well as a README with all the sources I used to make a project. The codebases are free and can be found by just following me on GitHub. But if you’d like to get a deeper understanding into the thought process of how these projects come to be, Zero to Fun is the place for you.

What Zero to Fun Is Not

Zero to Fun is not a tutorial blog. Each blog post won’t assume that the reader has deep knowledge of the technology stack used, but the post won’t also go through a detailed step-by-step, spoon-fed format of how projects are made.

The reader, if curious, will be encouraged to delve into topics themselves, and remix tools into their own projects.


Zero to Fun is meant to inspire you to take your own ideas from your head into reality.

Zero to Fun will help you see the technologies and tools you use everyday in a new light, through the lens of creative coding.

Pretty Random

Zero to Fun will also seem pretty random. Projects you’ll see here are some loose amalgamation of what technologies I’m currently curious about, tools I can get my hands on, and can obey the deadline of making something cool and creative in a two week time span.

However, I will be posting polls and feedback forms here on Substack to paid subscribers, and try and get a read on what type of projects the subscription base thinks are interesting.

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With all that said, I will be posting free posts from time to time. These posts look much more like a traditional essay, and will generally deal with technology adjacent topics such as the creative process, the industry at large, or living a healthy and purposeful life while building the career skillset of a creative technologist.


Thanks for swinging by, and have fun!