Searching for the Overlap of Curiosity and Deep Work
a solid $15 investment
but it should be more random
Do You Prefer Audio or Text?Going forward, I’m working on modifying my style and am considering expanding into audio. Do you prefer the text format of this newsletter, or w…
A Discussion About Toothbrushes & Base States
The Critic and the Creator
AI Coding in 2021
The Lunch Table Theory
Has it always been the same for humans forever, or did the agricultural revolution change the definition drastically? Is a good life the cessation of n…
What is confidence? How can we learn to use the boundaries of our knowledge to build our self esteem?
Interview with the New SchoolListen now (59 min) | Hey All, Recently, I was interviewed about my projects and the thought process I used to make them by a phenomenal group of stude…
As of November 20, 2020; I have finished 81 "side projects", at least since I've started tracking my throughput in June 2020.